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    MODAFINIL side effects

    The frequency and/or severity of most effects listed in Table 1 modafinil were not subjected to statistical analyses (exceptions are the symptom questionnaire administered in [26] and [29]; also, in study [24] frequencies of side effects queried were tabulated and reported) .
    An inspection of modafinil Table 1 would suggest that modafinil causes few side effects .
    However, in many of the studies modafinil cited, it was unclear whether volunteers were queried (either formally or informally) for potential side effects .
    When noted, the types of side effects appeared modafinil to be similar whether volunteers were sleep deprived or non-sleep deprived .
    In addition, in one study vertigo modafinil lexapro modafinil otc modafinil narcolepsy modafinil online to buy modafinil thailand was reported by sleep-deprived helicopter pilots flying a helicopter simulator [23] .
    Although the authors hypothesized that vertigo was caused by some interaction between modafinil and the motion-based simulator used in that study [23], in a more recent publication it was reported that some volunteers modafinil online sweden modafinil online deutschland modafinil sex drive modafinil snort modafinil who received placebo also reported vertigo [24] .
    The latter suggests that vertigo was caused by an interaction between sleep deprivation and the simulator used in those modafinil studies rather than an effect of – or interaction with—modafinil .
    In another study, volunteers specifically queried about vertigo-like symptoms did not report an increased incidence of this side effect (no simulator modafinil was used in that study) [29] .
    MODAFINIL EFFECTS ON RECOVERY SLEEP AND SUBSEQUENT PERFORMANCE When pharmacological agents are used modafinil to sustain or restore cognitive performance during sleep deprivation, another issue to be considered is whether these agents affect subsequent recovery sleep .

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